About The Royal Oak

Step into the warm welcome of your new hosts, Alix and David, who are all set to take your pub, restaurant, teepee and private dining adventures to new heights.

Nestled just outside Marlow, The Royal Oak holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve savoured its delights as customers countless times, and now, we’re the proud owners, ready to bring a fresh burst of energy and excitement!

We’ve poured our heart and soul into creating a place that radiates warmth and welcomes you with open arms. While we’re committed to preserving the country pub charm, we’ve also sprinkled in a dash of innovation. Imagine a vibrant outdoor haven with a private teepee area… called The Royal Teepee (obviously) with an outdoor kitchen and bar, cosy covered seating for all seasons, and charming private dining rooms nestled in the woods (ready in 2024).

What’s our aim? To be your go-to local pub, serving up delicious dishes from a menu that’s as varied and interesting as our surroundings. Sip on fine wines from our extensive list and dive into a fully stocked bar, whilst being looked after by our expert staff who are as happy to serve as they are knowledgeable.

As we get to know our locals, we’re also extending our warm embrace to new friends from near and far. Arrange gatherings of friends and family from far and wide and make use of our car park to allow you all to get together. Snuggle under the warm lights of the terrace, relax in the snug next to the roaring fire, catch up as a couple in the quieter raised restaurant or hang out with friends and family around tables of up to 20 in the main bar and restaurant.

But that’s not all. The star of our show is The Royal Teepee! It’s been an absolute hit, hosting a wide array of events that are as unique as the people who book it. Our straightforward packages can be tailored to your heart’s desire, adding that special personal touch that sets us apart.

Now, a bit about them.

Alix, is not just a proud mum to Natasha, Travis, and Brontë, but she’s also a Yorkshire lass, a dog owner and has actually won a rowing trophy since starting to row in 2021. She’s a keen dancer and costume maker and she’s got a degree in maths awell!

David, the adventure enthusiast, is a dad to Brontë and a thrill-seeker who loves skiing, cycling, and swimming. Marlow is his hometown, and he’s got a need for speed when it comes to cars. Plus, he’s got an engineering degree to boot.

So there you have it, The Royal Oak, where fun, family and fantastic food meet! We can’t wait to welcome you into our ever-expanding world of joy.